Developer’s Information

The document entitled “Rules, Regulations & Guidelines – Brazoria County Drainage District No. 5” was adopted by the District on November 5, 2018.  The effective date of these Rules and Regulations shall be November 19, 2018, provided that for any project where the full plans, and all related review fees, are submitted to the District after November 19, 2018, these Rules and Regulations shall be effective for that project; and further provided  that any project which was fully submitted prior to the effective date of November 19, 2018 will not be required to conform to these new Rules and Regulations unless a revision is submitted to the District for review and approval after November 19, 2018.  Additionally, developments with a drainage impact report approved by this District prior to the effective date of November 19, 2018, will not be required to increase detention for the overall development, however individual plan and plat submittals made after November 19, 2018 must otherwise comply with these new Rules and Regulations.

Engineers & Surveyors:

The District has adopted a new Signature Block.  You will note there is a new BCDD #5 field.  If you do not know that number for your particular plan/plat please refer to the previous review letter.  Alternatively, you can contact me if you need assistance. Beginning in January, the Board will not sign any plan/plat that does not have the correct signature block.