Brazoria County Drainage District # 5

              Holiday Schedule 2018

               Monday  January 1   New Year’s Day

                               Monday  February 19    President’s Day

                              Thursday March 2 9       Good Friday


                                Monday May 28  Memorial Day

                                 Tuesday  July 4   Independence Day

                                 Monday September 3  Labor Day

                                   Monday November 19

                                  Tuesday November 20  Thanksgiving Days

                                 Wednesday November 21

                                 Thursday November 22

                                   Monday December 24

                                   Tuesday December 25  Christmas Days

                                   Wednesday December 26

                                   Thursday December 27

Developers Information

To assure compliance with Brazoria County Drainage District # 5 and Brazoria County runoff control regulations, plat and drainage plans for site plans must be submitted to the District by persons seeking approval within the District’s jurisdiction for:

1.)   Subdivision plat or re-plat,

2.)   Any construction or fill work that is 5000 square feet or more surface area and all commercial development,

3.)  Developments on an existing site which increases impervious cover.

To aid persons seeking such approval, the District has approved Brazoria County Criteria Manual outlying the requirements for drainage plans that must be completed prior to approval of any development plat by the District.  Note that there are requirements, and additional requirements may be imposed and/or additional data my be required by the District.

Project Owner/ Developer will furnish the District with four (4) copies of  full size plans, plats, reports, calculations and two (2) CD’s with all project plans, plats, reports, calculations to the District’s physical address (1022 E FM 1462 Rosharon, Texas 77583) at the Project Owner/ Developer’s expense.

***NEW*** As of May 6, 2013, the District will require the owner of the development to attend the Monthly meeting approving the Final plans. The District will require two clean sets of the final plans to be approved that night.  The plans will be stamped and signed by the District and the Owner at this meeting.


Plats and plans submitted to the District for approval must be accompanied by the application and a check made payable to: BRAZORIA COUNTY DRAINAGE DISTRICT # 5 for the amount specified in the Schedule of Fees as determined by the Board of Commissioners from time to time and on file at the District’s office.








Please visit the Brazoria County Engineers website for a copy of the BRAZORIACOUNTY


 Drainage District’s

   Fee Schedule